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What is it like at Prospect?
We have a wing-ding, super-duper, fantastic lift. No chairs needed...just a rope! (See the tips below for those of you who haven't been on a rope tow in a few years.) The tow rope services three runs. Total vertical comes in about 250 feet.
Things to bring to Prospect:
Ski gear - We don't have any rentals, so it's bring your own. (See our list of places to find equipment fairly cheap.)
Insulated leather work gloves - So as not to burn through your best ski gloves on the tow rope.
Warm clothes - As your dad always says, "Layers! Wear layers."
Food and drink - If you'll be needing a snack or a drink, please bring it. We do not sell food or drinks yet. (This is in the works for the 09-10 season.) But please bring only non-alcoholic beverages. Thanks!
For more about what it's like at Prospect, see Days at Prospect Blog. You can also listen to the radio program about Mount Prospect from NHPR in January 2009: A Ski Area Steps Back in Time.

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